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By the end of 2023, the organization noted that 54% of online shoppers will be women, and 46% will be men. In addition, 40% of online stores in the country are founded by women. In an interview with Gestión, Linda Oblitas, CEO of Ability He said that the profile of Peruvian buyers has changed. What are the new features?

“In 2019, 46% of online shopping They were made by women, since men are leading this channel. However, by the end of 2023, the cake turned and women began to dominate with 54% of online purchases. This may be because categories such as food, big housefashion, beauty, personal care have been growing in digital channels in the last 4 years, “oblitas points out.

According to the union, groups like from those Peruvian buyers They are technology (46%), fashion (44%), personal care (41%), food (38%), appliances (36%) and home (28%). The most important changes in these categories are food and household products, which registered a growth of 14% and 15% respectively in 2023.

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“The fashion category, beauty and food They are the ones who have moved the needle. In fact, it is important to show the progress that some big house in it e-commerce. Now you can make your meals and they arrive at your home within two hours. This time efficiency has increased the number of women who drink from digital streamdetail Oblitas.

What do women buy from e-commerce in Peru?

What do women buy from e-commerce in Peru?

The profile

The frequency of women they buy online It is 3 times a year. This group of buyers is made up of adults aged between 27 and 34 years (23.1%), and 35 and 44 years (23.8%), participating socioeconomic level B. According to Oblitas, women spend more on online shopping than men, with an average ticket in the channel of S / 242, while men spend approximately S / 230 and respectively many make two purchases a year.

“Participation of older women in digital dynamic purchasing has increased by 10% in 2023. Although those the spread of disease Force a group of people to enter Stream online, the majority of women have gradually lost their fear of technology. Before, it was more closed to men, because of the restrictions we put on ourselves, but now women are more open to the benefits of machine. We see it in the growth of food and household products, they are the beginning due to the purchasing decisions of the people who manage the building, “says Oblitas.

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On the other hand, Ability maintains that 70% of online customers are in LimaFollow up Freedom with 7%, Arequipa with 7%, Piura is 5%, Lambayeque with 4% and the competition of each region corresponds to approximately 8%.

“Progress of e-commerce In the regions it is slow, because there are many restrictions that still exist. Start with an internet connection and access to the delivery of certain products. It also has a lot to do with the public’s familiarity with digital channels. There is a lot of skepticism because of news of looting and so on. However, the change in purchasing is happening without any problems,” says Oblitas.


According to CAPECE, of the 24,000 online stores that exist in Peru, more than 9,600 were created by women (40.8%). Of that figure, 40% starts in services and 60% in goods.

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