How to use Google Maps from your Xiaomi phone without an Internet connection

Maybe some of you are going to travel to a place where you don’t have an internet connection so, it will be easy for you to access applications like Google Maps. so you know where you are at all times or go anywhere even without that link.

Luckily, Google put at our disposal a tool to thank for that We will be able to use your application regardless of whether we have an internet connectionan option that will be very helpful to reach our destination thanks to the GPS terminal which, of course, will continue to work 100%.

Google Maps offline maps are your best friend

In this case, this tool that we will show you will give us the ability if it is possible to download the map of the world in our mobile phone can be used and navigate without being connected to the internet. Of course, we must remember that the weight of these files is usually very high, so the smartphone storage will suffer.

Also, we found it particularly interesting that we downloaded maps of the area we were going to travel. to prevent some connection interruptions and achieve 100% water navigationsomething that often happens mostly in remote areas where there are no repeaters that improve the data connection of our device.

That said, the way to download maps is very easy, since We just need to do the following:

Google Maps 1

  • Open the Google Maps app and, on the top right, access your profile and click on “Offline Maps”
  • Now, click on “Choose your own map”, set on the surface of the map that you want to download for your mobile phone and, at the bottom of the screen, tap on ” download”
Google Maps

As you can see, If you access the offline maps section again, you will be able to directly access the map you just downloaded, deal with it and even rent normally without having to be connected to the internet. Of course, you should remember that updates related to traffic and other equipment will not be available, but it is normal if we consider the loss of the connection.

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