Antel offers gigabytes by 10 in some fiber plans: what can you do?

Antel divided into ten the number of gigabytes that those users can download of fiber optic intended for “cars”.

Here is the change of plans:

  • “In your home transfer 15 gigabytes” is now called “Fiber with limit 1”: previously 15 gigs for $543, now 150 gigs for $590.

  • “Internet Season” is now called “Fiber Season”: before 20 gigs for $760, now 100 gigs for $760. In this case there is a “flat” price from December 1 to March 31 and 100 gigabytes per month from April 1 to November 30.

  • “In your home can change 30 gigabytes” is now called “Fiber with limit 2”: before 30 gigs for $1,031, now 300 gigs for $1,050.

You need to add the cost of the landline for everyone, which is $ 216 per person.

If you exceed the limit you will have to pay back. The most traditional ones are the 20 GB ones that cost $100 and the 40 GB ones that cost $200. There are also other traditional ones.

And if you have a fiber optic plan you have to pay an additional one time fee of $712.

In all cases there are 400 megabits for download and 30 for upload.

How is it different from fiber plans?

Flat fiber optic plans allow downloads from 500 to 2,500 gigabytes. What if someone exceeds the downloaded gigabytes? You don’t pay more. Only if it can affect the descent, which can be reduced.

Users consult from The Observer Those who exceed that limit claim to have no problem with the descent. One of them said that it happened several times with the “ultra fiber” plan and it continued to watch without any problems. On the Reddit platform there are users who have posted the same.

Unlimited browsing is a popular choice among mobile operators, there are many people who connect to the Internet every day and like to download a lot of content.

How to find out what fiber optic plan you have

You must enter the Mi Antel website and enter your username and password.

Like your cell phone plan, with fiber optics you can see in one tape how much you have eaten and how much your monthly limit is.

You can click on “View bill” and see how much you spent in the last four months. That will give you a general idea of ​​what your average is.

How will this measure help you?

Before thinking about which plan is best for you, you need to think about the type of user you are. If you are one of those people who consume a lot of streaming platforms (YouTube, Netflix, Star+, to name a few), and have more than one internet user in your home, it is probably easy to have “flat” fiber optics. .

Now, if you are a user who uses the internet a lot between December and March and you are not in the country the rest of the year, “seasonal internet” is recommended.

If you are one of the few internet users because you spend a little time at home every day, maybe fiber with limit 1 is recommended if you spend a little time in the weekend, but drink a lot on holidays, maybe fiber with limit 2.

Here are three factors that can help you decide:

  • 300 gig users. The cheapest “flower” fiber plan costs $1,450 pesos. If you are close to 300 gigabytes per month, you probably shouldn’t go overboard, because you have to pay $1,266 (when committing to “fiber with limit 2”). Of course, if you exceed it, you have to go to recharge.

  • 200 gig users. If you know that you do not exceed 200 gigabytes per month, and you pay for a simple fiber plan ($ 1,450), switching to the Internet for traffic does not represent a big change.

  • People use less than 150 gigs. You should switch to “Fiber with limit 2” this plan if you know that you do or have a lower consumption than this plan, you will pay almost $650 less.

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