A new tool to fight cybercrime

In recent years, Organized crime groups have found their homes in small, low-profile online siteswhere they collect, share and link to content such as videos of violent haircuts and recruitment ads. However, the new tool developed by Google suppliers in cooperation with the anti-terrorist NGO aims to solve this problem. …

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the most secure connection to your Internet

Today the Internet security is more important than ever. It is almost impossible to think of working, studying, or having fun with movies or video games without being online, so it is important to know the best connection what is According to the Undersecretary of Telecommunications (Subtel) reports, the 59.7% …

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Before entering the Internet in a video conference

Do you work or study at home and need video conferencing? Find out how you can prioritize these services on your router, for a seamless experience. Video conferencing has become commonplace for many Internet users. Although they are not used as much during the epidemic, they are still used for …

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