Electricity, Internet and Artificial Intelligence

In the history of mankind, especially during the different industrial revolutions, the adoption of innovation and progress has made the difference between the rise and fall of the economy. Copy. Clear examples of this are electricity and the internet; Both of these advancements started as separate product creations and, over time, became a central part of our daily lives and especially for companies.

Today, we are practically ushered into a new era defined by artificial intelligence (AI). Like its predecessors, AI has rapidly risen from the experimental fringes to the core of business strategy in fields such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and across the board. business. What started as a long technology research project is now redefining the way we do business.

Organizations that are early adopters of AI are redefining efficiency, personalizing services on an unprecedented scale and, most importantly, setting new competitive standards in the business. The pressure to integrate AI solutions is not a matter of competitive advantage, but is necessary for survival. Those who do not adapt to this change will experience blindness.

Therefore, AI is not a luxury, but an important change in the business world today and especially in the future. Like electricity and the internet, artificial intelligence is destined to become the backbone of our economy. The question for their leaders is not if they will adopt AI, but when they will use it.

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