Learn tips to improve your router’s internet signal

Do you know how to use your router? Luis Retamozo, network engineer, gives the best tips to use your router well improve the quality of your internet connection.

According to the report Digital 2024: Peru Prepared by DataReportal, Peru registered more than 25 million people connected to the internet at the beginning of 2024, which is equal to approximately 76% of the population.

Given this, network expert Luis Retamozo emphasizes the importance of guaranteeing the proper functioning of our home network, especially today, where there is a stable and fast internet connection has become an important part of our daily life.

In conversation with Punto Com Familythe network engineer gave advice to take advantage the best performance of our routers and optimize its operations.

Repairing the router

Retamozo says that one of the important things to guarantee the efficiency of our internet connection is to complete Regular maintenance of the router. “It is recommended to give it at least one maintenance a month,” he said.

He said that it is a cause of dust into the ventilation of the device, which can affect his work. To avoid this, it is recommended to use a soft, dry cloth to clean these areas, or alternatively, light air to remove the dust better.

This simple habit can help extend the useful life of our router and monitor the performance of the network.

Adjust router settings

The location of the router in our home also plays an important role in a good Wi-Fi connection.

According to Luis Retamozo, It is not recommended to put the router on the ground. On the contrary, finding it in a high area can improve signal coverage and performance.

Other important tips to improve the location of the router are Do not place it on metal objects or thick walls, because this will interfere with Wi-Fi signal transmission.

Expanding network coverage

The expert pointed out that, normally, the power line of the home router usually covers an area of ​​40 meters without interference. Also, it stands out that the signal is weak when we move away from the router. Therefore, it is recommended to consider using a Wi-Fi repeater to extend coverage and maintain a strong signal in the remote area of ​​the router.

With this repeater, you can amplify the signal of our main routerallows to expand in areas where the original problem will not be strong, so with the idea in the Wi-Fi repeater it is possible to extend network coverage to areas such as the front answer the second or even the third floor of the building.

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