Xiaomi mobile phone should get HyperOS, MIUI instead

Xiaomi may have the first list of mobile phones that will receive HyperOS, the new operating system that replaces the MIUI interface. According to the GSChina portal, the manufacturer has tested the OS of nine models, but the data has not been confirmed by the Chinese company.

The prediction is that the distribution of the new system will occur worldwide for various devices during the year 2024.

Update to HyperOS

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According to a list previously published by GSChina, the following devices are expected to receive HyperOS in the first quarter of 2024:

As this is an internal testing phase, which is more limited, this example should increase in the coming weeks and other models will be added soon. Xiaomi’s CEO himself confirmed that the Mi 10 line will be updated to HyperOS, although he did not say when this would happen.

In addition to the products, Redmi and POCO mobile phones are expected to receive functionality.

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MIUI out, HyperOS in

Xiaomi has been working in recent years on the development of a new project, which manages the Android base and uses its own Internet of Things (IoT) software called Vela.

HyperOS was announced in October by the manufacturer’s CEO, Lei Jun, and confirmed as the factory operating Xiaomi 14 line of phones.

However, the company has not yet given any information about where the old models of the brand will be updated to the new OS. For the past 13 years, the company’s devices have been equipped with the Android-based MIUI interface.

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HyperOS promises a new interaction with traditional updates, supporting a wide range of functions and high connectivity between devices in the Xiaomi ecosystem through the use of the new internet of software.

Source: GSMChina

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