Xbox Fans are told to stay tuned as emotions run wild on Social Media

It’s not a good start to the week in Xbox land, is it? Rumors and speculation about various Xbox exclusives jumping to other platforms have caused all kinds of controversy in recent days.

In fact, the level of influence is so great that it even leads some influencers to withdraw their support for the brand! Note that nothing has been announced by Microsoft yet.

In response, The Verge’s Tom Warren said that just because Microsoft is considering bringing some Xbox games to the PS5, That doesn’t mean they will all jump. The Verge is an outlet that mentions Indiana Jones, for example, but Warren says it’s “just a decision and not a complete and final one.”

I’ve been very careful with what I’ve shared so far and made it clear that Indiana Jones is only a conclusion and not a complete and final one. Other people… not so much.

Regardless of what happens next, emotions will likely run into the relationship in the coming days, and we just want to avoid knee-jerk reactions – let’s wait and see what Team Xbox had to say!

Windows Central’s Jez Corden also commented on this saying “I think a lot of people are going to feel a little stupid over the next few weeks” for believing some of the rumors. trust.

Note that Xbox’s Phil Spencer has already announced plans to talk about “the vision for the future of Xbox” sometime next week, so we won’t have to wait long until the details More about the incident has been released.

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