Xbox Brazil will need to return the Xbox Series X|S loan to websites

A few hours ago, many journalists and content creators accused Xbox Brazil of requesting a recall of Xbox Series X|S consoles sent to websites to cover the game’s availability. on the platform.

According to reports, the decision may be a retaliation after the controversial price of the Xbox Series S was reported in Brazil.

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Journalist and photographer Nelson Alves Jr., who worked with Xbox Brasil, was the first to announce on the social network X (or Twitter, if you prefer) that Microsoft will take revenge against the media Report that asks about the Xbox price increase. , asking for the return of consoles borrowed for the newsroom.

Another expert who supports Microsoft’s decision is Ariel de Souza, the content creator of the Combo Infinito website. He also showed himself on his profile on X that the information about the return request is true.

It is common for game companies to provide products to selected media outlets for social media. Consoles are always offered on loan with no end date, but companies have the right to request the return of video games whenever they want.

Many experts from other websites commented on the controversy and were angered by the need to retaliate after the criticism of the upgrade price of the Xbox Series S in Brazil . However, others believe that Microsoft is planning to exit the Brazilian gaming market.

The controversy started when Microsoft updated the price of the Xbox Series S to R$ 3,599, an increase of R$ 950 compared to the previous price. The company reiterates that the website will be updated with new information soon.

The decision was not well received by the players, being heavily criticized on social media. According to Jez Corden, editor-in-chief of Windows Central, the decision to change was not made by the Latin America division (LATAM) but by the company’s “highest echelon”.

To date, Xbox Brazil has not commented on the situation.

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