Writing success: 4 steps to master writing for social engagement and promoting your business. By Vanessa Perrin

Prof. Vanessa Perrin06.02.2024 dr 15.00 He

In today’s world, social networks play an important role in creating a company’s image, interacting with customers and promoting products and services.

Therefore, improving writing skills and public speaking skills are part of the process to do well in social media and increase income.

Below are 4 steps to improve these writing skills:

1. Know your audience

Something I always talk about in training and coaching is: the same thing that we don’t go to the beach in high heels or go to a gala dinner in a bikini, we have to change / adjust / adjust our communications to our visitors. will talk with. So answer?

  • What is your goal? Is it a young, middle of the road” or more “mature”?
  • How does he communicate? In other words, is it easier to speak or to do it better? Is it slang or more colloquial?

2. Be focused, objective and assertive/relevant

The communication manager is always the speaker, not the listener.

To take someone else’s perspective, you first have to take yours. For that:

  • Plan your thoughts and be clear and objective (go straight to the point).
  • Be energetic/influenced, that is, speak with energy and enthusiasm. No one likes to talk to someone who is “almost dead”. Also, talk with feelings. Touch people’s hearts.

Use stories to your advantage (tell real stories, they will connect you to your customers).

3. Make a beautiful beauty. ADDRESS: from the pictures and videos you use to support something for writing.

Use high resolution, attractive images that are relevant to what you are promoting/selling.

As for writing: write correctly, no Portuguese mistakes, no abbreviations, no slang (unless your audience is “cool” (young people/audience).

4. Engage and interact with the audience:

  • When posting something on social media, respond to comments and suggestions. It is inelegant to “post and run”. Be careful, take care of the people who interact with you/your company.

Next week, I will take you some steps for oral communication on networks. 😉 See you then!

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