Worten Spain chose MeMe to develop its digital strategy on social media

words was chosen Me Me for Create the concept and content for the platform (formerly Twitter). The Portuguese consumer goods company has chosen Jungle as the first social agency after the success of the Black Friday campaign with the controversial Llados, which achieved 90 million affect the relationship in November.

Worten seeks to consolidate what he has in X by curating projects that improve humor – a genre he already uses in networks – and virality. The MeMe team, coordinated by Luciano Pieroni: do you want more followers?will create an idea for create and increase value through discussion and ensure that visibility translates into business.

MeMe’s first job for Worten was Black Friday as well editing a video previously published by the controversial youtuber Llados criticizing the offer of the Portuguese company. The video went viral on TikTok and Twitter with 90 million viewsan average revenue of 8.4 million and +13% market share in the consumer electronics and TV category during Black Friday.

“In the storm of Black Friday, Worten.es managed to unite a very different goal. This year, once again, we are committed to a new action with MeMe, which perfectly represents our company and makes us a brand that understands and knows the current moment of the customer,” explained Gonçalo Carvalho, the national director of Worten España.

“We like to add clients to our team who understand and believe in our process. Worten is already an important part of X, with approval and cooperation and our goal is to turn the situation around impact on the economy,” According to Elisa Vergara, the great director of MeMe.

Me Me, spun off from PS21’s health department, is an agency specializing in branding in a digital environment. Manage strategic relationships between national and international brands e.g KFC, AliExpress, Adecco, Ubisoft, Adam Foods, Puerto de Indias or Cofidis. Manage 9 collaborative projects with different Jungle companies and clients from 7 different locations. Also, he did third creative organization of the year in the latest edition of the Eficacia Awards.

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