Wireless future: Cable is not the only thing that guarantees Internet speed

The days of cable Internet are numbered. It is simple. In today’s world where every day we get technology that makes it impossible for us to do cables, managing such connections, at least at the business level, is in the past come

The ability to send data wirelessly has become a necessity for companies of all industries and the technology has been presented as an effective and promising solution. Below are some examples of wireless technologies that are already changing the business world.

Dedicated Internet via microwave: It has been positioned as an important tool for businesses looking for reliable performance and connections. One of the main reasons is that it allows you to reach a connection speed of 10GBps, ending the myth that “cable is the only thing that guarantees speed.” Also, in our country, Online allowing installation time of only 24 hours, something unique in Chile. In addition, some areas such as the Metropolitan Area have ring repeaters from antennas in different points of the area, guaranteeing all connections in case of failure was seen again. This type does not create “airborne debris” or visible contamination, unlike cable connections.

5G and more: Since its emergence, the global 5G network has revolutionized wireless communication, opening new horizons for businesses, thanks to ultra-fast download speeds and low latency. In addition, it allows you to use technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing, adding them to your processes, increasing performance and productivity to a new level.

Internet of Things (IoT): Smart devices, devices connected to different devices in buildings around the world and much more, it is called the Internet of Things or IoT (Internet of Things). The ability to transmit data wirelessly is essential for the efficient operation of IoT systems in business environments. This allows organizations to gather valuable information in real time and improve their processes.

“The future is wireless. It is important for companies of all types to plan to take advantage of aircraft technology. From the deployment of 5G networks to the adoption of the Internet of Things and, in particular, the use of Dedicated Internet of microwave, organizations can improve their connections, improve their processes and open new growth opportunities while constantly connected to the world. ” said Víctor Opazo Carvallo, General Manager of Netline Chile.

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