Why does the Internet think Taylor Swift is Elly Conway?

Taylor Swift He is a wise man. Almost everything he does (and what he says) hides some hidden meaning that his fans have fun discovering. It has become a kind of secret between the singer and his followers. Swifties who, accustomed to playing detective, sometimes take their theories too far and other times – usually – right. So whether it is the result of an accident, a lie or if, in fact, it is a subliminal message, the truth is the truth. indeed see of the singer, only fueled the rumors which has been around the internet for almost a month…

Taylor Swift with Phoebe Bridgers in New YorkBeautifulSignatureIG / SplashNews.com

On November 3, the 33-year-old pop star walked in New York with another outfit first same with beautiful education or college education what it looks like lately. The star pairs gray wide-leg pants with heeled loafers, brown leather socks, and A Gucci argyle sweater that has caused a stir of school theorists Swifty.

With her hair down, eyeliner character and brick red lips, the undisputed protagonist of the style is the sweater that some associated with The latest rumors about Taylor Swift that, for once, have nothing to do with her music or her partners.

And since the release of the trailer for the movie For Argy October, many Swifties are convinced that their favorite singer is the author behind the mystery thriller investigation which inspired the film. The adaptation has completed a $200 million contract with Apple TV + and has important actors even though the book has not yet been sold. Supposedly written by the novelist Elly Conway, it does not appear on his own Instagram page and is one of the characters in the film itself, played by Bryce Dallas Howard.

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