Why didn’t your ex delete you from his social network? no 4 reasons

When you complete one relationship The best thing for both of you is no contact and that includes removing yourself from the conversation, but when your ex doesn’t delete you, you wonder why.

And you can have thousands of thoughts why he doesn’t remove you from the network, and even if you are still in love, you can be satisfied, thinking that he still wants to be with you and maybe there will be reconciliation.

However, there are other reasons why it does so and here we will tell you some of them so that you notice and know.

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That’s why your ex doesn’t delete you from social networks

There is a feeling of possession and control over you

One of the reasons why your ex does not remove you from the networks may be because he wants to own and control you and have you in networks he can care about your life and what are you doing.

This can happen whether he has feelings for you or not, if he still wants something with you he wants to take care of you and know about your life, but if he doesn’t want to what for you he can do. it’s just because he wants you to be in control.

Afraid to lose contact with you

Your ex may decide not to remove you from the network fear he lost contact with you forever.

And he will want to write to you in the future, because he cares about you or still loves you and if he deletes you, that will not be true, so he likes to leave you.

He wants to know what you will do without him.

Another reason why your ex wants you to stay in his networks and not delete you is because wonder what you would do without it.

Your ex will want to know if you go out with friends, if you have a suitor, if you are suffering, so he needs to watch your words.

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He doesn’t want to lose you as a friend

Although it may seem strange, many times He doesn’t love you as a partner, but as a friend, and he looks at you and doesn’t want to lose you.

So many times to have you in his life and not lose you as a friend, in addition to avoiding drama, he likes not to remove you and leave you in his relationships.

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