Which stores are the most active in the network?

The conference has become the best showcase to announce the special products sold by the business. Supermarkets do not escape this fact and have money inside Instagram, X (Twitter) and Facebook to interact with customers and share their ads.

According to data from We Are Social, Facebook has 7,864,000 users Dominican Republicto follow YouTube, which has an audience of 7,390,000. In the case of Instagram, according to data published by Data Reportal, the platform announced four million accounts until July 2023.

When measuring the participation of the big stores in this Caribbean country, it is clear that Instagram is where they have attracted the most interest. Bravo Supermarkets is the one with the largest number, with 861,000, followed Sirens768,000, and Jumboa 733,000.

The list goes on and on Smart Pricewith 484,000; National Supermarkets 395,000 documents; when Olé Hypermarketswith 371,000; Super Pola, with 95,200, and chain, make 30,100.

Similarly, the one that registered the most advertising on Instagram is Jumbo, with a total of 12,300; Mermaid, with 9,433; National Supermarkets, with 9,406, and Olé, with 7,252.

The ones that appear with the fewest ads on the same network are Super Pola, with 3,560, Bravo (2,964), La Cadena (2,237) and Price Smart (2,199).

In X, the one that leads the list with the most viewers is Jumbo, with 103,792; Mermaid, with 101,376; National Supermarkets, with 39,368; Super Pola, with 25,467; Bravo, with 16,515. The chains with the fewest viewers are Hipermercados Olé, with 6,516; La Cadena, with 2,681 and Smart Price, with 2,917.

Likewise, the one with the most shared photos, videos and ads is Jumbo, with 35,516; Sirena, with 17,213; National Supermarkets, with 8,679; Bravo, with 7,016; Olé Hypermarkets, with 6,407. Right there, La Cadena showed the smallest number of publications, with 4,709, followed by Super Pola, which had 4,453 and Smart Price, with 2,888. On Facebook, these supermarkets do not share the photos they have posted, although they reflect the customers they have.

Sirena, with 736,000; Jumbo, with 438,000; Bravo, with 245,000; Super Pola, with 165,000; Olé, with 133,000; National Supermarkets, with 126,000; Price Smart, with 98,000, and La Cadena, with 35,000 viewers.


The use of social media for the promotion and sale of goods, products and food plays an important role in small, medium and large companies, because it is a tool which can improve their work in society, in addition, it allows them to have a good relationship. two way communication with your customers and stakeholders. Instagram is an important platform when it comes to selling or promoting, because it has a very good access of users, both nationally and internationally.

Supermarkets contribute to those business development of the country, because they have employed thousands of people who are in different areas of cashiers and counter workers, managers and logistics workers.

This company is a reflection of those business, because these are supermarkets where they sell food, but also with shops that are shops with appliances, household goods, clothes, etc.

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