Which company stars in the end of the year advertisement on Spanish TV?

The last broadcast of the year on La 1 de Televisión Española is always a time to broadcast for all Spanish publishers, until the broadcast was banned in TVE in 2010. But since two years ago Antena 3 passed the public channel in the audience when the alarm sounded, it is still willing to fight the battle in visagra between 2023 and 2024.

Advertising doesn’t appear to be returning until 2023, in the minimum dose, to Public Corporation; so last year before the Chimes they didn’t cut off the spread. Then, as the first part of the year, the announcement was made with the new system for the first quarter of 2023.

However, This year La 1 will close it with an announcement from the public company Renfe.

The place is called, “Renfe, Your Train”, and with his train driver will send those saying “more than the trip, what’s important is the company”, as announced by the public company in a statement.

ads, created by the creative agency Sra.Rushmore, is part of TVE’s cultural promotion “Feliz 2024” and invites the viewer to see what really counts: “yours and yours.”

Renfe has shown that people are at the center of all its plans 2023-2028 and, therefore, they form “nuclear” part of the message that the company will send to people “in the face of 2024 that will be. all the news for Renfe”.

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