Where is the reliable information?

In August this year, the show: “The consequences of false information: international analysis and the Chilean experience” prepared in July and August 2023 by the Advisory Committee against Disinformation, discussed by of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation.

The report suggests that it is important to understand this phenomenon in its local context to develop appropriate solutions. In the same way, it is important that it is important to protect the freedom of expression as an important basis of freedom, and learn about false information to advocate measure appropriate to the country’s context. Before this commission, several doubts and warnings were raised about the type that is I will lose freedom of the press or freedom of thought will be violated. However, learning about the phenomenon is not the same as censoring it, and understanding it allows us to improve communication.

In a society like ours where reading comprehension is a problem, this is important for children living in poverty, Studies have shown that the elderly in Chile They exhibit functional illiteracy, that is, “they cannot read well enough to work in the world or in society,” in the words of Carmen Sotomayor expert in mother tongue pedagogy.

Literacy and understanding are very important to freedom. Because they allow for “more equality, cooperation, discussion, debate and non-violent discussion, because people talk, discuss, debate, read and know more, they can improve their participation.” In addition, people with better understanding can use better information and be more interested with the sources they consult or from where they get said information.

Now we have a bigger problem as a society, according to Hanna Arendt: “Deliberate deception and pure deception as a legal basis for political success have been with us since the beginning of time to write”, how can you have an opinion without expressing it? If everyone lies, the result is not that people believe the lies, but that no one believes anything anymore, and this includes the news. So where is the reliable information? It is difficult to build trust when the information is not created by the representatives themselves. It is confusing for the public to know what to believe. And informal information, without evidence, begins to have the same weight as official information with evidence.

Considering this, it is important to strengthen the communication based on the evidence, without thinking, and strengthen the education, since the society that does not understand what he reads, giving more context to misinformation, is marginalized from public debate, making a difference as well. Finally strive to make Chile a country of justice and freedom.

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