Where is the fastest internet in the world? A study has the answer and clears all doubts

If we ask you about the fastest internet in the world, there will be a place like that China o Japan come to your head. No wonder: in the past, these countries were behind experiments that have been surprisingly successful in network speed. However, according to a recent study, the fastest internet in the world is not found in Asia, but in a country. very different of this world.

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As reported by the French website Video games In recent releases, there are sites that are still in use ADSL while others have already made the leap to fiber. For this reason, recent studies have looked at areas of the world as well fast internet speed and, after calculating the average, the results were surprising: at the top yes North America con 193 Mb/sA little faster than that 171 Mb/s of East Asia and the Pacific and, at the same time, more superior to the 85 Mb/s of Europethe third in the argument.

Asia is still in the field of mobile phones

So, the information in this map shows that North America is the king when it comes to internet speed. In this way, this study has destroyed the myth that Asia has the fastest connection, since this honor now belongs to North Americans. As a curiosity, South America put four with him 74 Mb/s, a figure lower than 85 Mb / s among European citizens. And Africa, in turn, closes the list with an average of 36 Mb/s and 15 Mb/s.

However, in the field of mobile phones the crown falls on the side of the Asians. According to the same report, East Asia and the Pacific lead the list with an average speed of 90 Mb/san image that allows them to advance North America (with an average of 83 Mb/s) Europe (with an average of 44 Mb/s). In this way, the investment in communication that these areas have brought out if there are its fruits, since the 90% of them It has focused on Europe, North America and Asia. And, thanks to this, today they control the internet speed list.

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