WhatsApp in space: NASA has partnered with Nokia to bring internet to the moon

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the most famous telecommunications company, Nokia, will collaborate with SpaceX to build a rocket that will carry a 4G communication network to the moon. If they succeed, these great steps will save the world.

SpaceX plans to bring internet to a free satellite this year. The lunar landing module will be installed on the south pole of the moon and will be controlled from Earth. However, it is not yet clear which date will be released.

Walt Engelund: do you want more followers? from NASA Space Technology Mission Directorateexplain that the main challenge for the network to work is to have a suitable cellular devicewith some weight, size and, also, strong enough to use.

Astronaut on the other side.  Photo: UnspashAstronaut on the other side. Photo: Unspash

In addition, the expert pointed out that the device should be suitable for operation in the hostile lunar environmentdue to heat and electricity.

The 4G connection module will allow the exploration of ice on the satellite, carried out by the Micro-Nova Hopper robot, transmitted from space. This technology will be important for Humans will be walking on lunar soil again in 2026as NASA has discovered.

How do astronauts communicate in space?

Today, people travel in the communication space through the radio system and the installation of the Internet will allow NASA to send in High resolution video at the workplaceso that people on earth can see what is happening hundreds of miles away.

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Moon, NASA, celestial bodies.  Photo: UnsplashMoon, NASA, celestial bodies. Photo: Unsplash

“The ability to communicate on the moon is important to Artemis”Engelund confirmed and said that the 4G technology of the satellite is as important as drinking water and breathing air.

Engelund said that establishing a communication system on the moon could help researchers send research data immediately or Talk to their family for detailsas well as underground technologies such as WhatsApp.

Source: Channel 26

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