WhatsApp Business will have commands in the conversation

A new feature of WhatsApp business It is already in the testing phase and should be available to everyone soon. This includes the possibility of creating automated menus to facilitate interaction with customers through commands. This will leave the user a word away from knowledge, for example, opening hours, menus, information about a product, among other things, according to the company’s needs .

Companies that use the WhatsApp Cloud API can now access the feature, which is in the testing phase. On the user side, everyone who has the latest version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS can now use the resources with the corresponding company and access the menu. However, it is worth remembering that at first not all companies will have access to this tool.

The feature, it is worth remembering, is already available in the rival messaging app, Telegram. In it, the user only has to type “/menu”, for example, to enter the menu of the restaurant that has used it, for example. Depends on Whatsapp businessit will work as well.

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Below is an example of the advantages of the new WhatsApp Business feature:

new whatsapp business commands
Image: WBetaInfo

According to the information on the website WBetaInfo, in the future, it will be possible for all companies to include up to 30 commands in their WhatsApp account. Each shortcut will have a maximum length of 32 characters, and text fields will have a limit of 256 characters.

The new features come in a wave of improvements that Whatsapp Business has provided to help small and medium businesses, in general. Recently, we have shown how to create a quick response on Whatsapp Business – something that is often done in communication between companies and customers.

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