What types of advertising do we see on the Internet?

The Internet has become a huge space where all kinds of services and products are presented, and where it is difficult to stand out. For this reason, the ads that have different incentives are common, form and function that we examine below.

No one escapes digitalization which, without a doubt, has many advantages. One of them is power make products and services available to more people people who cannot or will be very difficult to appreciate without the expansion and ease of access to the Internet.

There are many benefits of new technology for all types of businesses; The problem is how to stand out in the magnum sea of ​​digital content. solve it, take advantage of new technology when up to one classic formula: promotions.

Online advertising method

Many types of internet advertising are, in fact, adaptations of classic marketing methods such as discounts or special offers. Thanks to the possibilities of the Internet, the “old-fashioned” tactics to attract or keep customers are adopted bigger than big: they reach many people and also allow many things that cannot be used in face-to-face marketing.

There is

We refer to the “service” as a special advertisement of a products that are cheaper in a period of time.

As in normal business, we have those specifically there, which is usually for special products for special occasions. Those Limited availability, which applies to certain products; famous “while supplies last”. Wave presentationwhich has become very popular on the Internet with the arrival of streaming services for movies and TV shows when there is a discount on the subscription received or even free for some time.

Still there associated with certain advertising campaigns; some are based on tradition, like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, and others were born on the internet, like Black Friday.


These types of ads are similar to the classic ones vouchers that can be exchanged for certain prices or products. With the Internet, it can be used even more.

Generally, there are two main ways. We do not have any special deposit bonuses that are usually obtained only by registering on the website and which are very common on gaming platforms such as online casinos. And, on the other hand, bonuses that are given when paying or certain actions are common, for example, sharing posts in networks or reaching certain levels in to play

Discount coupons/promotional codes

What in the past could only be obtained from a billboard on the street or an advertisement in the media, now, we can find it on other web pages or in the so-called landing pagea page that appears the first time we visit a site.

Promo codes and discount coupons work the same way: provide access to discounted products and services.

This type of promotion is similar affiliate marketing, which is characteristic of online business. It has the support or endorsement of products from other sources in a more or less way, or simply cooperates with other websites and, therefore, is able to provide money Sweep this for customers who come to the site “from us.”

Loyalty programs

Loyalty, loyalty or loyalty programs are not new, but they are also characteristic of the internet. These are promotions of various types that are aimed at existing customers, for anyone they are incentivized or rewarded for continuing to use the service on a website.


The freemium model may or may not be considered a promotion. Of course, it is a method of attracting customers that has its peak in the past few years. There is in provide basic services for free and provide options to improve the service if paid the price.

A classic example is Spotify, which can be used for free, but at the cost of listening to ads every time. It is also a system widely used in the world of video games; In this case, there is no better service, but if you pay, you can access some good things that will help you progress in the game.

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