What is the new minimum internet speed?

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With the evolution of streamingwatch movies and series in 4 K never been so easy. But, Do you know the best internet speed to enjoy quality photos? To help consumers around the world, the North American regulatory body (FCC) has recently defined a new standard, Build up 100 Mbps as the minimum download speed for those who want to guarantee fluidity and no crashes on the most popular platforms.

The decision represents a significant update compared to the previous model: only 25 Mbps for downloads and only 3 Mbps for uploads have been decided.

This change shows how much consumption of streaming video in high definition has grown in recent years. Advances in technology and cheaper prices for 4K TVs are also increasing the search for this type of service.

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4K streaming requires more internet

The FCC emphasized that the new measure is not only for image quality, but also for increased internet usage. Many people watch 4K content while engaging in phone calls, downloading, or even playing online games simultaneously. A stable connection is essential to avoid interruptions in these activities.

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In addition to setting new minimums, the FCC has issued a report detailing wireless connectivity in the US. Around 24 million Americans still do not have access to broadband internet. This problem is more severe in rural and tribal areas.

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The organization reaffirms its commitment to promote fast and affordable connections throughout the country, with a target of 1 Gbps for download and 500 Mbps for long-distance transmission.

Although the FCC is an international standard, it is worth mentioning that the world’s average speed is already over 100 Mbps.

The average broadband speed in Brazil increased 18 times in 5 years

Internet speed in Brazil has seen a monumental leap in the past five years, according to data from Anatel. As of June 2018, the average broadband speed is 22 Mbps. By June 2023, this number has increased to 415 Mbps, an increase of 1,786%. With this speed it is more than enough to watch 4K streaming.

This exponential growth is caused by two important factors: the expansion of fiber optic networks and the development of the country’s backbone. Optical fiber, which replaces copper in the internet infrastructure, is able to transmit more data, resulting in higher speeds.

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The backbone, in turn, is the backbone of the internet, responsible for transporting large amounts of data between different regions of the country and the world. Investments in technology for spinal cords have also fueled the increase in internet speed in Brazil.

Source: FCC | Telesynthesis

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