What is the deep web and how does it work?

Those wdark night is an area of Internet, know that in the deepest part of the web, the characteristic that gives its name. Only certain users with certain conditions can enter and access this network because special software and techniques are required.

Web superficial

Those superficial web It is made up of sites that all users know and track every day. These can include blogs, news sites, stores and websites with options to buy, etc.

Deep web

Those deep web or deep web It involves content that exists behind a certificate, access or payment gateway. Many websites that people visit are part of this website, including email, online banking accounts, personal social media accounts, and subscription services.

What is the Dark Web?

Those black web It’s in the deep. They are places that very few users know about because special tools are required to access them, such as software and ideas. This website does not appear in search engines.


Internet: What is the dark web for

The main feature of the black web is anonymous, its design guarantees the privacy of communication through encryption and routing of content through web servers. It is for this reason that there is a need for special software that provides access to these events.

Is the dark web illegal?

Those dark web It is often classified as a forum with crime, but this is not the case. The anonymity provided by this network can be used or not, depending on the user.

However, most of the content out there is decentralized and illegal. It can buy and sell drugs, banned content, malware, dangerous drugs and weapons.

Hacking services, explosives, stolen money, cloned cards, fake passports, among many other illegal things, are also available.

Is the dark web dangerous?

Undoubtedly, the dark web It is a dangerous place because there are more risks than at the top of the Internet. Being a victim is very easy, since the shadow can be confused with the law.

Internet: how to access the dark web

To access the dark web you must use a browser called Thor. It is advisable to download powerful security software first to protect yourself. Then, follow the next steps:

  1. Connect to a VPN Secure and reliable to hide the IP address and encrypt the link Internet.
  2. Download and install the browser Thor free from the official website.
  3. Browse the dark web with a browser Thorwhich allows you to access the sites that are there.
  4. Protect yourself. There are many scams on these websites, whenever you make a purchase or talk to someone it is necessary to use a hidden and anonymous email and pay with a wallet anonymous cryptocurrency.

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