What if we lose internet connection?

Imagine waking up one day and discovering the world in that World Wide Web it was lost. No more meetings, no emails or access to real-time information. What if we ran out of Internet?

In this hypothetical situation, we will explore the possible consequences of a cut the worldprovide an intriguing vision from the perspective of a Artificial intelligence.

Program November 6, 2023 Part 1 | Internet drivers

Today the cybersphere It is an important part of daily life. From e-commerce to communication, entertainment and education, all aspects of our society are related to the web. However, dependence on the global network also brings disadvantages.

What if we run away from the Internet, based on false intelligence?

If we suddenly find ourselves without Internet, start chaos It will be imminent. Financial transactions will stop, communications will be interrupted, and navigation systems will stop working. Companies will depend on outdated systems and important information will not be accessible.

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An analogue of the renaissance:

As the world transitions to the absence of this network, we will see the resurgence of analog systems. Prints will regain their importance, people will send letters instead of emails, and face-to-face communication will become more important. The need to learn to walk without support digital will become important.

Power of the village:

If there is no Internet connection, the local community will receive new benefits. People will be forced to live there community networks y friends for information or resources. Local businesses will flourish and self-interest will become a valuable skill.

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Reinventing technology:

As the world recovers from this loss, we can see renewal within technological innovation. New information on online connections and security will appear to prevent similar incidents from happening again. The organization will be more aware of the importance of protecting and disseminating its different information.

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