What are the best selling clothes online? Levi’s has two competitors on Amazon

What kind of clothes should I buy? If you want to take a look at the drug list or throw away that model after searching and rummaging in the store always end up in your closet, it will be a good idea to see. Which brands are currently successful among customers?. There is Levi’s, of course, but most weeks other brands dethrone the king in the 1st ranking.

If we take Amazon as a reference, we will see in the top 1 in list of jeans preferred by customers a Jack and Jonesa brand that has only 25 years of history but that has models of jeans for men that are the best sellers, practically every day, in the Amazon jeans catalog.

Best selling jeans on Amazon
Best selling jeans on AmazonShopping Mall

One of its advantages, of course, is the price, since depending on the size it costs between 21 and 39 euros. It is sold in eight different shades, six of them in blue and two in black.

The second brand that has been placed on the best sellers is Leewith a book of jeans that make this model is sold for only 39.99 euros thanks to a 20% temporary discount.

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And, of course, Levi’s pants, which on Amazon have cheaper prices than in most stores with better quality, if you are looking for a model that you already know well , you can get them at home easily. and no surprises.

Lee Jeans Recommended by Customers
Lee Jeans Recommended by CustomersShopping Mall

The best-selling models of the iconic jeans are, as you can imagine, 501, 511 and 502.

And, if you want to expand your repertoire to a small variety, in the list of the best jeans sold on Amazon you have some ideas. Famous brands such as Pepe Jeans, Wrangler or Tommy Jeans have some models of the best sellers.

But you also have other unknown brands that, in the opinion of customers, have given very good results, from Amazon’s own brand, without cost, to C & A, from other very few people know eg Redbridge, GINGTTO, Just and Boy o Toocool. You guess?

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