“We count on the Internet Services to successfully connect the country’s families”: Mauricio Lizcano, ICT Minister

With the attendance of nearly 300 representatives and leaders of the ISP industry, from all over the country, the National ICT Conference of Internet Service Providers (ISP) was held at the Murillo Toro Building places. This day sought public relations policies and the presentation of communication plans and strategies carried out by MinTIC and which ISPs can cooperate with, in order to improve the country’s communication connect and make Colombia’s digital power.

“For the first time in the history of Colombia we have different ideas for the connection of Telcos (big telecommunications companies), that we need them. The first time is that these two years we have $ 300,000 million for them to present projects that show the growth of network companies in the current areas, to improve connectivity in the country We will also make ISPs access to fiber more optics, thanks to the investment of $ 180,000 million so we have nearly half a million pesos that together we can connect the people who need it the most, create skills, knowledge, businesses that develop restore the income of all families who today do not have access to the Internet We want ISPs to help us change the history of Colombia,” said the ICT Minister, Mauricio Lizcano (@ MauricioLizcano).

The framework of the National ICT Forum of Internet Services led by MinTIC has worked to present to these business activities such as ‘Promotion Lines’, which aims to distribute the resources for promoting and supporting local ISPs, providing access to stable Internet stores. It is proposed to connect 21,417 low-income families across the country with secure Internet in ten departments, thereby promoting digital inclusion and technological development.

‘ConnectiVITY to Change Lives’ is also social, an initiative created in partnership with InterNexa, to bring broadband Internet to families in strata 1 and 2 in 175 cities in different regions of Colombia, such as like Cauca, Chocó, Nariño, Valle del Cauca, Urabá Antioquia, La Guajira, Amazonas and Vichada. This program seeks to transform the lives of communities through access to information and technology.

During the day, several ISPs reported on the Ministry’s work to strengthen them and provide them with additional equipment. Germán Ortiz, from the company ‘Hola Internet’, which brings together ISPs with presence in 27 cities of Meta, said “We should be grateful because the Ministry of Labor and the Government This allowed us to have a direct conversation, and that opened the door for us. the best service, we are close to the people, and even if we don’t earn what the Telco earns, which doesn’t satisfy the end users, we want to go where you want to go, and that’s because how we can work with the Ministry’s activities.

Lorena Angarita, from Red Intercable TV Colombia, expressed herself in the same spirit: “It is the first Ministry that has worked for the national telecommunications industry. The special budget in the history of the This country (…) The ball is now in our court, it is up to us to help manage the projects and work for ourselves, because piracy does not benefit anyone.

Another topic discussed is Law 1373 of 2023, with the MinTIC regulating the conditions to exempt those who provide medical stores on the Internet from payment of temporary decisions for FonTIC, for five years. The Individual Program for Electronic Equipment Development is also expanded, providing participants with clear instructions on how to perform the related activities. Finally, there is a place to discuss Internet Boards – Community Connections.

This National Conference brings together the government and ISPs, working together to connect Colombians: “There is no government in Colombia like us, or a Ministry like our president, who made a big bid to strengthen medium and small ISPs We know that doing business in Colombia is difficult, and doing more ISP, since history do as the big communication companies have done but now they are getting the competitive recognition and support that you deserve, because you are in the heart of Government Policy Change, and we have made efforts to be ISPs protagonists,” said Minister Lizcano.

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