Vivo opens a new type of ultra-fast internet in Campinas

Campinas has been chosen by the communications company Vivo to open, on a trial basis, its first 5.5G site. This connection was used for the first time in Brazil. With this new technology, it is possible to achieve very fast downloads, up to 6.7Gbps in some cases.

This connection uses special frequencies, called 26GHz and 3.5GHz, which together form a broad band of 700MHz. This means it can send more data at once, making the internet faster.

Combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing, these new technologies will open the door to providing new products and services.

The new feature not only improves the internet for watching movies and online games, but also can help with things like smart cities, wireless internet at home, communication in cars and even new tools and services for companies.

5.5G represents the fastest speed recorded to date on the website of Vivo’s active network.

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