Viu Internet guarantees connection to thousands of participants of Xangri-Lá Rodeio

Viu Internet is the connection of Rodeio Crioulo de Xangri-Lá. Video: Share

Viu Internet is the active connection for the Rodeio Crioulo de Xangri-Lá, which takes place until this Sunday (24), at the Municipal Events Park. In addition to guaranteeing a wide range of coverage of the area and beautiful events, the provider of the North Coast connects more than 90 commercial points and provides Wi-Fi to the public participating in rodeo.

The Department of Urban Commerce has estimated visitors of more than 40 thousand people in the park during the five days of the event. Therefore, Viu Internet set up a mega model so that the masses can connect with the good. During each day of the event, for 24 hours, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) team monitored all the connections that were installed in the rodeo area.

Work is carried out from Viu’s headquarters in Capão da Canoa. “Our attention is done on the drawings. We have equipment that controls the entire network, every point, the speed it sends out,” says Henrique Bittencourt, who is part of the ICT team of experts at Viu Internet.

According to him, this work is similar to that done 365 days a year with the connection of the company’s thousands of customers in the north coast, with the difference that events, more requests. “(The goal) is to make the network as clean as possible, better, without defects, without any type of blockage”, points out Henrique.

In addition to the link, Viu is now at the Rodeio Crioulo de Xangri-Lá. At the stand, visitors are welcomed with coffee, chimarrão and can participate in lucky roulette to win prizes and bonuses on the internet. In the site it is also possible to sign up for personal Viu products and buy plans with special events and prices for the rodeo.

The Viu Internet team welcomes visitors, with prizes and sponsorships on sale at Xangri-Lá Rodeio. Video: Share

The event is a celebration of the 32nd anniversary of the liberation of Xangri-Lá. Saturday night (23), from midnight the attraction is the national show of Fernando & Sorocaba. The opening is scheduled for 10 pm, with a performance by Nanda Virtuozo. After the national favorite, there will be a dance with Tchê Barbaridade at the rodeo. Admission to the park, dance and theater is free.

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