viral tiktok | Venezuelan offers ice cream in the center of Lima with a peculiar idea: “That’s business” | viral video

The creativity in the business ideas of the Peruvians is the best, and this quality continues to the Venezuelan community in Peru. A young Venezuelan, in particular, has recently caught the attention of social media users because of his unique way of selling ice in the vibrant. Lima’s center.

Venezuelan go viral for a special way of selling ice cream

In it photoreported by @victorlyperu, it was found that the shopping cart D’Onofrio did of the boy is full of things on the other side. Each ball looks like real ice cream and is attached to a bicycle that has a large sign with the name “Zambito Ice Cream.”

The son-in-law Venezuela shows that he uses this sales technique to make people see what ice water and that this way he sells more. At that time, a group of people were seen buying his goods.

The reaction of netizens after watching a TikTok video

After the clip was published, thousands of users of the Chinese platform reacted with curiosity. On the one hand, they say it is a good thing good business that you use to attract customers. On the other hand, they are proud of him as a great Venezuelan artist, just like the Peruvians.

    The young man broke it by selling ice cream in the center of Lima.  Video: TikTok screenshot

The young man broke it by selling ice cream in the center of Lima. Video: TikTok screenshot

“This I sell more”“That’s business”, “Creative and a good salesman”, “Good for the beginning, you will come by visualizing. Congratulations!”, “Very good, this young man has initiative”, “His ability to sell is very good”, “When one likes his work, one is creative”, are some of the comments in social networks.

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