• Videos of policemen hugging students in PR went viral on the internet; see

A video of students from the state’s public schools greeting and hugging a police officer from Paraná in Ponta Grossa gained the attention of internet users on Friday (22 ). He joined the PMPR Community School Patrol Battalion (BPEC) and seems to be returning the character of love. BPEC aims to promote the safety of schools and community schools with capacity and community relations.

continued after publication
continued after publication

The soldier who appears in the video is 3rd Sergeant Fernando Sedlak. He began his career in the Police Department of Paraná in 2001 and worked in various units and operations, before joining the BPEC staff. With 24 years of active duty, he has worked in the company Shock Police in the past and in the Special Rounds, now BPRONE. In 2006, Sedlak moved to Ponta Grossa and joined the 1st Police Department, working at Rádio Patrulha and ROTAM. He arrived at BPEC at the end of last year.

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“10 years ago the children seemed to be afraid of the traffic police. That has changed now. The students themselves have confidence in our work”, said the officer, which in the morning worked with soldier Juliana Pereira de Carvalho outside the Colégio Estadual Senator Correia.

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The officer added that the children have expressed their desire to become police officers in the future, because of the positive impact of programs such as the Education for Drug Prevention and Crime (Proerd), which helps build relationships. between the children and the police. PMPR.

BPEC works to protect the environment of public schools, conduct surveillance, promote education and develop programs to prevent violence and drug abuse among students. It is one of the State’s strategies to curb the incidence of violence in society.


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