VIDEO: IT professor explains how Internet giants collect data to influence our behavior


In this week’s Nerdopolitics column, Information Technology (IT) professor Anahuac Gil shows that in the vast world of the Internet, not everything is as free as it seems. Anahuac warns that what the big people in business give comes at a cost to our lives. Even if it is not financial, it will be social. Apparently free products, such as a simple webmail service, for example, are more useful later for companies. One of these benefits is our personal information and the information we share. Journalists cite Gmail as an example.

“What no one seems to care about is the user license that allows Google to read and write the entire content of every message. Imagine the high power of reading the words of every scientist , teachers, students, judges, businessmen, soldiers, police officers, journalists, doctors, lawyers, engineers. Everything from everyone. The real time someone has a good idea and sends it by email, the Yankees are notified and can use it as they see fit,” said Anahuac Gil. “How can we create at least some level of competition with this kind of power?”

For this reason, journalists agree with the Chinese government’s ban or ban on Internet equipment from large North American companies.

“It is not because countries that have a good understanding of ethnic control or stop this tool from working. China is a good example. Constantly criticized for its lack of freedom, precisely for not allowing the so-called Free Internet. But so, if the freedom that is protected so much includes the collection of information from everyone to control them theory, it should be banned. Especially if the goal is to control people against the social and economic policies chosen by the country. This is not freedom , it’s induction, it’s manipulation, it’s deception.”

According to Anahuac, Hamas’s brutal attack on Israel – which the author considers to be the historical right to defend – is only possible because the Palestinian group “releases all of the networks “.

“The only way to be private is on the Internet, without using these apps or devices. They are all monitored and work as social media tools, which yes, work constantly, in time, to persuade their users to see the world as their creators want. This is the work of the ‘algorithm’: manipulating Perception of Subjectivity.

More details on this topic are also in the column written by Anahuac Gil on the Diário do Sertão portal. Click here and read the text.


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