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Tuesday (06), Vanessa Lopez appearing for the first time on social media since deciding to quit the reality show BB 24. From Instagram, Alisson Ramalho, the father of tiktoker, is responsible for advertising. In the press, the former sister was with her family, her father, her mother Liziane Lopes, and her sister, Alicia. Since leaving the most watched house in the country, the content creator has not posted any videos or photos on his social media profile.

In the photo, Vanessa Lopes seems to be smiling in the back seat of the car, next to her younger sister. “Our time together was the best! Vanessa returned quietly”, write the entrepreneur in the name of the post. After leaving the BBB24 detention, the affected person received mental health treatment due to emotional problems of the revealed truth. Treatment occurred immediately after the participant pressed the home button. On the internet, many fans are worried about Vanessa’s health.

Vanessa Lopes medical records

According to the medical journal, Vanessa Lopes is showing improvement and ‘great changes’ in her health. Therefore, the influencer is now free to resume certain activities. “The patient Vanessa Lopes Ramalho is still in psychiatric treatment (psychopharmacotherapy and psychotherapy) with daily evaluations, under my care, at home, with 24-hour care”said the newspaper, signed by the psychiatrist Antônio Geraldo da Silva.

“The patient has shown very good progress so far, we have already advised a gradual return to activities and the next return to work. Based on the situation now, it has a good rating.”, show. Finally, the doctor adds: “At this time, on the return to activities, we want to support the need for public support, privacy and agreement with the situation that it presented.”.

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