Vampire Survivors will bring a new story mode to Xbox Game Pass

Hot on the heels of its Summer Update, developer Poncle announced another key announcement for Vampire Survivors – with all new game modes in the mix for version 1.8. ‘Adventures’ will be featured in the game’s next major update, “coming soon” to the Xbox Game Pass title.

These adventures provide stories based on the challenges of existing levels, featuring “crazy side quests” with “special progress.” Here’s the full description of the new mode, straight from the team:

“Adventure is a self-contained mini-story mode that repeats the game’s content, following the Survivors thrown into the mysterious quest. Each adventure will provide a better way to improve, give players the opportunity to start from scratch and make custom races with a limited arsenal – without losing their valuables in the game big.”

Poncle hasn’t set a release date for update 1.8 yet, but the team said that a “hand full” of these little models will be introduced when the patch arrives.

You can expect it to be free on Xbox Game Pass in the future, and you can learn more about these fun features on the new FAQ page.


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