Up to 40 AMPA representatives discuss the risk of the Internet for children in the framework of the strategic plan

The Department of Security of the Government of Almería held a conference on the risk of the Internet in children, in the strategic planning for the integration and improvement of security in educational facilities and their environment, which was attended by all 40 representatives of AMPA of Almería with fathers and mothers.

The president of the government, José María Martín, supervised these meetings “with experts specialized in this matter so that AMPAs and families are aware of the existing tools to help our boys and girls work and often know how to be dangerous. “on social networks in general”, as he observed.

Martín added that so far this year there are 20 AMPA and 146 schools that have participated in the strategic plan, an understanding that he encouraged other agencies in the state and places study to follow it once Registration. Time has moved on.” Cyber ​​crime, ‘sexting’, ‘grooming’, viral competition, theft of people on networks, harassment or ‘cyberbullying’ are elements that are seen in our daily lives and it is important that we know. Martín said “Let everyone know, together, children and parents, how to prevent all kinds of dangers that uses relationships in relationships,” said Martín.

In addition, he said that another thing that needs to be discussed and “the most important thing today” is to examine “how we will do and help the children if our children are created harassing, harassing or harassing through social media.”

The meeting was also attended by the advisor of the Andalusian Women’s Institute, IAM, María del Mar Esparza, who expressed the interest found in participating in this type of activity, since “it affects every family” because “”It is part of our daily life. life.”

The representative of the IAM confirmed that “the problems caused by new technologies must be addressed from all perspectives and at all levels of management to help our children and parents know what can be done through discussion.”

The psychologist from the Márgenes y Vínculos Foundation, María Rodríguez, also participated in the event, in which a total of ten AMPA received a certificate for their contribution during the year recently and for renewal in the 2023-2024 school year. Representatives of the Civil Guard David Domínguez, along with Jesús Soto, representing the National Police.

The action of this master plan is supported by the Secretary of State for Security of the Ministry of Interior. This is an initiative that aims to respond in a coordinated and effective way to the problems related to the safety of children and young people in schools, the schools and the school environment, encouraging the cooperation of the police with the education authorities in their actions to improve relations and safety in the school environment . .

Thanks to this work, the knowledge of expertise and cooperation between police professionals has been made available to child care centers and families through AMPA, as this afternoon, for the prevention, detection and resolution of crimes, harassment or other crimes. that may occur in this environment and that affect any representative involved in the education process: students, teachers and families.

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