Uncertain information affects the end of the competition

Shortly after the victory in the first race of the Fernández-Fernández formula, in 2019, this observer posted the line “The game of false information has begun, and how. ” Because of its similarities with some signs that we are facing today before the tide that will mean the continuation of the Peronist government (with the nuances of Sergio Massa’s candidate) or will be Changed by libertarian and macrista ideas, I will focus on the good. part of this article to reprint that site, which begins with a sentence from Quicksands, by Junichiro Tanizaki (Siruela Ediciones): “People like that, they are always willing to spread rumors. “

“Red,” he wrote, “is the reporter’s best friend or terrible enemy, depending on his behavior from the moment it reaches his ears or eyes. Seductive, loaded with a certain insidiousness, captivating, it can awaken to those who use this work a quasi-morbid interest and the first goal to follow it and make it news without prior approval (including the transmitter will be part of the rumor. ), or understand that not everything that is presented is true, that the phrase ‘vox populi …’ has become less and less believe, that it is your responsibility to make sure from the best that something is said by someone, what someone. answer, what someone (in any case, (anonymous person or someone with a suspicious identity) is said as news, and it is very different whether this news is real news or whether it is an easy job to influence public opinion, misrepresentation, invitation to mislead. We are witnessing, today, repeated examples of bad journalism in this sense, especially in some areas of television, networks and other media.

Tyrians and Trojans are exchanging poisonous darts, most of them based on the idea that a lie, as a lie or a contradiction, is worth more than the truth or the true truth. “We have to see, from now on (…) if (fake news) is a trial ball to give a dimension to what can lead to fake news to affect the original way of changing, or just a prank. by someone whose role is questionable according to the content of what was said. So far, it seems like the first stage. Sophistication will come later, if experts in moving public opinion to one side or the other use more or less methods.”

I asked then (and I agree today) that “it is recommended to look to other latitudes to pay attention to what has been used to affect the spirit of society.” Deepfake (a combination of deep learning and fraud) was recently used by trolls subordinate to the candidate Milei to deny his opponent, Massa, copy what Trumpism has done in him the opposition with the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, the supporter of the impeachment of the North American president. .

In the fourth part of the British miniseries Year & Year, we see how some of the films of government candidates say things that they have not said, except for the right Vivienne Rook (Emma Thompson). He admits the video may be fake, but says it’s as real as the contestants think. It seems that the trap won over the decision of the voters and Rook to become the president.

Again, PROFILE readers, neuron watchers.

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