UFPR is the leader in the ranking of Brazilian public relations organizations

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Federal Government (Franklin de Freitas / Arquivo Bem Paraná)

The Social Media Gov intelligence platform announced on February 6th the results related to the evaluation of the participation of public institutions in social media, in the period of 2023. Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) is addressed and led by state universities and institutions and the government. , taking first place, with more than 2.5 million interactions.


The Social Media Gov platform has identified the ten Brazilian public universities with the best participation in social media in 2023.

The criteria used to determine the cooperation in the social network are extensive, including not only the number of likes, but also comments, shares and the time the advertisement is saved, in the case of Instagram. This measurement system provides more insight into the impact of advertising and audience interaction with shared content.

“UFPR has seen a strong and effective use of social media, using these platforms as important tools for communicating with the community. These channels are essential for managing relationships good and transparent”, teacher Ricardo Marcelo Fonseca said.

In 2023, UFPR is the only Brazilian public school among the 50 nominated for the final of the 1st edition of the Social Media Gov Public Communication Award. UFPR is the finalist in the category Sharing and Competition. The award selects public schools based on participation and participation in the conference.
Image: Social Media Gov Disclosure.

For the Director of Communications and Marketing of the UFPR (SUCOM), Professor Carlos Rocha, the recognition achieved by the UFPR in this ranking is a reflection of the dedication of the work of group communication and the appreciation of strategic use of relationships as an important part. of the organization’s responsibility. “This achievement reinforces the university’s commitment to stay active and connected to digital trends, always looking for new ways to communicate and influence the public,” he said. he said.

The UFPR Instagram page reached 50 million views and content reached more than 26 million people in 2023. In total, 628 messages were published, which received more than 2.5 million likes and 35 thousand words. Today, UFPR’s official profile has almost 170 thousand followers, the third largest number of public universities in the country.

“Social success goes beyond just accumulating followers. It lies in the ability to create a community of engaged users who share your content every day”, says Juliana Pinheiro, Public Relations responsible for managing UFPR political information.

With this important project, UFPR reaffirms its position as an important university in the country not only in terms of education, but also in terms of its presence and impact in the relationship, showing his commitment to excellence in all activities. .

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