Trench coat for men autumn 2023

A perfect coat for fall 2023, men’s coats are a must-have for their comfort and versatility.

Las trench coat for men They are one of the most important coats in the autumn wardrobe of everyone who cares about their clothes. They put an extra touch on style and sophisticationthat elevates any clothes, and especially easy together. Don’t forget how effective it is for cold, wind and, most importantly, rainy days, because there are some that are made with fabric. waterproof. For all this and their great versatility, there is no doubt that men’s coats represent one of the simple clothes that every man should have.

With buttons or zipper, medium-high or below the knee, classic or more daring cut. One of the strongest points of the trench coat for men that, although they offer simple models, they are available in all kinds of designs, so it will be easy to find one that suits everyone. It doesn’t matter if it is one minimalist style for men or more than one city, each model will change to some character.

How to put men’s coats?

A trench coat can easily be combined with almost all the clothes in your closet, you just have to know which one to choose. To do this, two important things must be taken into account: design and color. The style of men’s trench coat It should be adapted to the person. For example, if what is in abundance are jeans, technical pants or, in general, a more urban style, trench coats should match, opting for those with a simple cut . On the other hand, for wardrobes with classic garments, with shirts, polos, chinos, classic and long or medium trench coats will be the best choice.

Another thing to remember is the one trench coat color. Come on navy blue and beige They are the most common and their versatility means they match most colors together. With neutral tones a sophisticated effect is achieved, while with more colorful ones you can do something more original and creative. It is also possible to take risks and choose color trench coats such as mustard or army green, which, although they will be a little difficult to combine, the result will be more interesting. To be on the safe side, they will be combined with loud noises and clothes. On the other hand, if you want to take risks, you should choose colors that are harmonious, even if they are against each other. With mustard, purple, maroon and navy blue.

Roberto Verino men’s coat

This men’s trench coat by Roberto Verino has a snap and zipper closure. Its style has a collared shirt, with a removable padded inside and inside pockets with straps, as well as a hood. A traditional combination of a trench coat and a vest, which can be removed and worn thanks to the included straps. It is available in both navy blue and stone.

Trench coat for men by Roberto Verino.

Trench coat for men by Roberto Verino.

Hackett Men’s Trench Coat

Hackett kind of presents this waterproof men’s trench coat Perfect for fall, when rain and wet weather become constant in many areas. This coat stands out for its design and versatility, because it is made of water-resistant nylon. Inside you can see a checkered lining and a traditional shirt. When closed there are hidden buttons and its cuffs are adjustable with tabs. A simple beige trench coat for the fall wardrobe.

Hackett men's coat.

Hackett men’s coat.

Mirto men’s coat

Mirto’s model is one classic men’s trench coat, which presents normal, but all designs. This is a version with a removable hat, it also has a button detailing on the front, a slanted wallet, strap and button cuffs and button closure. Its navy blue color makes it easy to combine with any item in your closet. And the contrast of the brown face gives it a challenge.

Mirto men's coat.

Mirto men’s coat.

Trench coat for men by Adolfo Dominguez

Although the most simple clothes are important in any dress, it is also possible to choose one with a little detail. And sometimes you just have to take risks with less color to achieve it. This is the problem here men’s trench coat by Adolfo Dominguez, waterproof and with a hood, which has a front closure with a zipper and a snap closure. Front pockets and snap cuffs complete the design.

Trench coat for men by Adolfo Dominguez.

Trench coat for men by Adolfo Dominguez.

Emilio Tucci men’s coat

Emilio Tucci men’s coat is one of easy clothes for fall, many coats that can be easily combined with practically any outfit, to achieve a beautiful and complete touch. The trench coat, in navy blue, is made of wet fabric, has a button closure and has two pockets on its side.

Emilio Tucci men's coat.

Emilio Tucci men’s coat.

Michael Kors Men’s Trench Coat

Eye-catching, stylish and sophisticated, this is it men’s trench coat by Michael Kors, the perfect choice for those who want to enhance their wardrobe and present a little special outfit during the fall season. This trench coat has a button closure, with side pockets.

Michael Kors men's coat.

Michael Kors men’s coat.

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