Transparent clothes will be the favorite clothes of these parties (these 6 models confirm it)

There are fashions that are not for everyone, we know. But the truth is that every new business season surprises us with the best proposals that, after a short test from the people inside at times, we want to try, even if sometimes it’s a scary thing. Especially this fall, when the cold season gives back to the producers and in the sector we are the participants in a passed through to a new concept of fashion. There are no restrictions anymore, everything is necessary and everything is good. We also play with the first palette where our favorite cardigan radiates Pink PP in the purest Valentino style, just as we dress up our favorite loafers with half-calf socks.

Gucci Cruise Show 2023 | Imaxtree

The fact is that this year 2023, and especially, the autumn / winter season, the fashion industry continues to attract us and both on and off the road we have see the importance of business. Another example? The reinvention of the iconic ‘pink dress’ in its most ‘brilli’ version. And, if this second dress was born somewhere around the gala (like the real design that inspired Cher to wear at the 1988 Oscars, by Bob Mackie), this year they evolve until they are wrapped in a bright blanket and its light. Be careful, it’s not just us, from the catwalk itself, during the New York Fashion Week, we saw them from collections such as LaQuan Smith, Duncan or Frederick Anderson, etc. .

The fact is that semi-transparent dresses, especially tight-fitting, are in fashion and the fashion world knows it. Hence, microtrends such as “the new sensuality” o that fabrics like tulle are fashionable to make clothes of the time. Even the ‘inside’ sector has mentioned the phenomenon of lingerie where fishnet designs with lace tulle are constantly seen on the profiles of our favorite professionals.

Transparent dresses with glitter is one must autumn/winter and, despite the risk of their clothes, the fact is that they have a hook that makes us dare to wear them again and again (in fact, even if it with little black dress below). For this reason, we have prepared a selection with eight options, available now on the market, that you can join and become the queen of the party every week, in your favorite place in town.

Some drawings with transparency

The way in which transparency entered the world of fashion this winter and for this Christmas season, went from being hidden to becoming a star in the middle of Christmas. This type of clothing has been seen in many collections. It is a black dress noon lace -24 euros- with two layers, high neck and long sleeves. It makes two dressing rooms.

Another type of H&M dress that we love is the transparent cut noon Lace with a deep neckline. It has thin adjustable straps and a straight hem. The body has a layer. It is a dress with a roll dosmileroideal for one see Party.

The more published, the more unique

At Zara there are clothes like this especially because of their cut and fabric. It is a long sequin dress -79.95 euros- with a transparent fabric in which this shiny material is sewn all the money.


Mesh fabric is one of the season’s favorites. At Bershka you have a mini version dress -59.99 euros- with this fabric that looks transparent in gray.

Now if you want to be the star of the party and make everyone revolve around you, the Stradivarius dress -35.99 euros- is the brightest and longest on the net. It has a simple neckline and thin straps to emphasize the bust.

Sara González Velasquez

Although it is not included in the clothes, at Bershka there is a long-sleeved jumpsuit. seamless -29.99 euros- with open back and with bright bright embedded throughout the fabric of the garment.

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