Transparency in data: SRT presents its knowledge in the ISSA webinar

ISSA clearly stated that it is one of the five principles from which social security companies should start to guarantee good governance. In this sense, guaranteeing the availability and access to accurate information of citizens for public information becomes important.

The Director of Security Operations (SRT) explained some of its procedures for accessing information from the agency’s Vice President of Planning, Sebastián Zuker. The director pointed out that, in accordance with the Government’s policy and the goals for sustainable development provided by the 2030 Agenda, SRT has adopted technology for work and publish information of interest to the community.

Zuker mentioned the 4 axes of work that SRT has started to work on in the reporting process and make the information transparent: automation, new products – on litigation, gender, people Migrant work and young and old in hazardous work- , publication of information with the use of business intelligence tools for methods, insights and analysis of information and, finally, the communication of information created by the organization and the access to it by the public through the reproduction of the microsite organization.

Along these lines, SRT produces almost 1,500 publications each year for the public, including newsletters on coverage and financing, accident rates, litigation, annual and monthly reports and other items of interest. To do this, it has a special microsite on its website, providing dynamic dashboards that allow you to interact with information, among other digital tools.

In order to achieve transparency and clarity in the data, SRT also has a data management area, which monitors the data provided by the risk workers related to the correct work accidents and disease work and causes are related. This example gives a good quality to the generated data, making it more effective in management.

The webinar also included the participation of the Vice President of Planning and Development of the Ministry of Security of Guatemala, Carlos Franco, and the Minister of Security of the Dominican Republic, Henry Sahdalá, which revealed past experiences and future challenges in the field of transparency. in the documents in their country.

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