Training on the risk of the internet and dating in young people.- Aranda – Hemeroteca

Saturday, November 4, the first of training which, programmed by the Department of Health and Justice of the Aranda de Duero City Council, is aimed at fathers and mothers about the dangers of the internet and social networks in children.

The risks will be known, but the protective equipment will also be discussed. A psychologist will take care of this. David Cortejoso, who is also a university expert in research and intervention in the addition of new technologies, a regular partner of the National Cybersecurity Institute.

The first appointment is this Saturday with two working hours, from 10 am to 2 pm or 4 pm to 8 pm, but the second day will also be held on Saturday, November Month 11. It will be on the third floor of the Holy House in Plaza del Trigo and registration can be done by email

In addition, another theoretical and practical workshop has been organized along the same lines, but aimed at young people and young people themselves, which will take place in December It’s a holiday.

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