TikToker bought iPhone 15 and received a lot of R$ 840,000 by mistake from Apple

A tiktoker called @legends_gio asked to be surprised by the arrival of the wrong Apple order at his house, because the order received was very different from what he bought. According to him, boxes with the iPhone 15 Pro Max model with 1 TB of storage, worth around R$ 840 thousand, will be delivered.

The digital expert, who often posts content about cars on his profile and has more than 300 thousand people, said Accidentally received a large amount of the company’s cell phonein what would be a big and unusual logistics error in the company.

No video with almost four minutes that shows all the eventsthe influencer said he first bought four units from the new line. One of them is the one iPhone 15 Pro Max 1 TB for your own use, while others are the same model, but with internal storage of 256 GB and will be used by your team.

@legends_gio Someone is really in trouble?? #fyp? original sound – Legends_gio

Gio says that the first device arrives always in one package, as expected – even if the delivery takes a few weeks, because the product will be limited due to international demand answered.

The problem is with other models: instead of three additional iPhones, the boy received three boxes full of Apple cell phones. In all, He said the order consists of 60 iPhones which, together, worth approximately US $ 96 thousand. Where The price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max with 1 TB at Apple Brazil is R$ 13,999, the order will be valued here at R$ 840 thousand..

Wrong or fake?

In the video published on the social network, the influencer said that he was surprised by the delivery and did not know what to do with the device, because it would have nothing more than four threads cell phone number. He asked if the devices are real or, if they are from Apple itself, what should be the source of the order.

As the company has control over the devices that have not been opened, it is possible that they will not work even without going through the Apple Store or authorized sales.

So far, the company has not commented on the problem and Gio has not published an update on the problem since Tuesday (31), when the first clip was published on. TikTok.

In the words of the post, There are also those who think that this video is fake and that the guy ordered all this equipment at once, but came up with the story to create an impression..

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