TikTok: understand why Taylor Swift was “removed” from the discussion

TikTok users will not be able to create videos that use songs from Taylor Swift and some Universal Music Group artists, such as Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Harry Styles. The social access of the song ended on Wednesday (31/1), after the platform and the record company could not reach an agreement.

Earlier this year, during negotiations to renew its music license with TikTok, Universal expressed concern about the illegal use of intellectual property and requested protection for the artists he represents.

In order to provide a renewal of the use of music videos in social media, the record company has created three conditions: increase income for artists, protect musicians from AI and action from the platform to prevent the use of music in videos that spread hateful messages.


In a statement released on Thursday (1/2), Universal confirmed that they have not completed the agreement: “Our contract with TikTok has expired, because TikTok refuses to pay artists artists and songwriters, protect artists from AI vulnerabilities, and fix security issues for TikTok users.”

TikTok returns to Universal

TikTok denied the allegations and pointed out that Universal’s “desire” was put above the interests of the artists.

“It is sad and disturbing that Universal Music Group has put its interests above the interests of its artists and songwriters. Although Universal’s statements are false, the truth is that they choose not to have the strong support of a platform with more than a million users who volunteer to promote and discover their talents”, begins the document.

“TikTok has entered into agreements that put artists first with all other labels and distributors. Clearly, Universal’s self-employment is not the best among artists, songwriters and fans,” he concluded.

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