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The media has begun to publish proof of contents of the report with false information of the social network reviewed by external verification organizations, however, it has not yet completed all of its procedures.

This season, Meta has independent evidence which is responsible for identifying false information that is presented in their social networks, Facebook and Instagram, as well as on the WhatsApp messaging platform. In this framework, information that is flagged as erroneous or false in these platforms is also marked as such on Threads.

Thread is Meta's new platform to compete directly with Twitter.

Thread is Meta’s new platform to compete directly with Twitter. | Video: NurPhoto via Getty Images

Now, some users have started to see the actual verification in the Press release, which the company clearly states that this is “untrue” false information, which has been verified by independent witnesses.

The label also notes that, although there may be “small differences,” This is a post with false information similar to the information reviewed in other Threads posts.

As seen by users in the screenshots shared in the publications of the Press, these certificates are used after the analysis by independent data analysis organizations, such as as Open and Facta, which analyzes the information in the reports and intercepts and flags those that are false.

So, on the label there is a list of organizations that have reviewed the information and the conclusions they have given, that is, whether it is true or false. Likewise, Continue to the evidence that these organizations rely on.

However, as Meta confirmed in a statement to TechCrunch, at the moment, this article is comparable with other publications, since the verification of the fact of independence preparation for Threads has not been completed.

That is, according to the company, although the actual analysis is scheduled to begin soon, the ability to evaluate the content directly in the Thread from the evidence has not been put into work. Therefore, the written information provided by the user is the proof that coincides with the information marked as erroneous or false in other publications on the platform.

The arrival of Threads unleashed a stir in the world of networks.

The arrival of Threads unleashed a stir in the world of networks. | Video: Getty Images via AFP

Likewise, according to TechCrunch, the system has some disadvantages, such as the fact that the links to the credentials used by the organizations only work from mobile devices. On the other hand, even those publications classified as false or hidden, users can click the ‘View ad’ option to access the details.

Threads launches new feature to share content on other networks

The media works on the ‘Fediverse Sharing’ feature, an option that users will be able to enable and disable to share their content on other sharing platforms in the ActivityPub protocol.

With this model, each server of the social network is independent from the rest of the servers. However, each event ends up creating a global social network. In addition, each of these servers is designed to combine user preferences with their own rules.

In this framework, already in December 2023, The media began testing the integration of the ActivityPub protocol into the chat, to recognize the ‘app’ in fediverso and allow the platform’s publications to be available in others using the same rights, as Mastodon.

News does not yet have a website.

The thread is used by millions of people around the world. | Video: Meta

This was revealed by the developer and social media analyst Alessandro Paluzzi through the publication of News, where he revealed that the platform has started testing this option, which is available in beta version in the account menu.

Paluzzi also explained that users will be able to easily copy their username into fediverso with special functions that appear when clicked. button’‘, next to the user’s name in the profile.

This is a way to help share the name of users in fediverso with other users, with the aim of facilitating the connection of profiles.

*With information from Europa Press

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