This way you can see if someone is connected to the Internet on your mobile phone

But why Someone can use your mobile Internet? This happens when you create a network share. For example, if you are on the train and you want to transfer data from your mobile phone to your computer. Now, others can take advantage of that and connect through your network, so you need to control it.

Check the connection to your phone

Share on the internet With an Android device it is very easy. Just go to the appropriate place, name that network and share. It looks like you have a router. You can set a password, as well as set the type of encryption. In many cases, we can look at this or do not use the appropriate password and it can lead to compromise.

To see the devices connected to the mobile phone that you have created, you must go to Settings, Connections, enter Sharing and there, when you have activated the network, you will see connected devices. Below, where it shows Connected devicesyou will see a list of devices that use your connection.

That list will be empty. If you have created a network share and there is no device connected, nothing will happen. Now, if you use a device, such as your computer, it will appear there. Also, in the case of intruders, you will have to see the device that should not be connected.

As you can see, it is very easy caught intruders when you create a Wi-Fi network on your phone. It is also useful to avoid problems and be able to take action as soon as possible. It is a quick process and you can do it anytime.

See intruders using mobile Internet

Create a secure shared network

But what can you do to create a secure network so that no one connects without your permission? The important thing is Create a good password. Forget about the correct 123456 and the same, although easy and comfortable to use, is a problem for your security and privacy of the network.

It is also a good idea to use a good encryption. Starting from WPA-2, we can say that password protection is good. Do not use old encryption because they can be used by hackers and affect your security. There are tools that can destroy keys with outdated encryption in a minute.

In addition to these important tips, we again recommend that you verify which devices are connected to your cell phone. Also, it’s a good idea to turn off network sharing as soon as you no longer need it. With this, you will save the power of your cell phone and also avoid potential intruders.

In short, as you can see, it is easy to see if there are intruders on your mobile network. You just have to follow these steps that we have done. Now, you can always share cable Internet, with the aim of improving speed and security.

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