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Curious and interested people continue to reach the 1,500 orbs that have been distributed in Spain, some agree to scan their irises as proof of identity to create a digital identity, what has been called WorldID . EL ESPAÑOL-Omicrono already tested this technology during the summer, which confirmed that all users are human compared to the millions of bots that now populate the network of networks. Worldcoin has released the latest figures on its global expansion, with Spain being the country where it has grown the fastest. In addition to offering a cryptocurrency, the company founded by Sam Altman, the father of ChatGPT, aspires to create the largest network of real people on the Internet with a certificate of people that other companies and social networks have used.

Through its application, WorldApp, with more than 500,000 users every week, you can access the Worldcoin cryptocurrency and make transactions, but also identify yourself with the code in other ways network service. The WorldID has been extended to platforms such as Discord where it can be used for loginexplain Tiago Saga, The product manager of Tools for People, the organization behind Worldcoin in an interview with the Spanish press this week, including EL ESPAÑOL-Omicrono.

The entry of more users in this month has reduced the value of the currency, WLD is now worth $ 1.80, during the summer it is worth $ 2.35. However, for these Mexicans with Mexican background, the importance of the job is in its technology rather than the digital benefits: “My colleagues make fun of me, I didn’t even check the value of the token,” said Tiago Saga, In September Worldcoin managed to register almost 2.3 million people worldwide today, the company celebrated high up to 2.4 million registered, a figure that continues to increase in the shelf of your website every second.

Human evidence

Alex Blania and Sam Altman saw the rise of intelligence before many others. This powerful machine will arrive faster and faster than expected, causing a strong financial impact around the world. Technology that they themselves have created and that will lead to negative changes, with companies benefiting, but at the same time replacing many workers and jobs with skills . The beginning of this earthquake has become a reality for most of this year, when the government is aware of the urgency of management and agreement in this regard.

Sam Altman did not know until a few months ago the loss of professionalism that this technology could cause. However, given this panorama, both started the project last year with two clear goals: to distribute the money generated by AI more equally, as they explain, to create global income from cryptocurrencies, and to ensure that only real people can access the financial system.

This is where WorldID comes in and the orbs that read people’s irises in shopping malls. A way to help platforms and organizations Identify people among your users and fight bot farms and the problem of misinformation, evident in the last war started. Tiago Saga says that 80% of the democratic countries of the world will conduct the electoral process next year.

In this sense, the human certificate requested by Worldcoin is already beyond its application. Saga tells us that other platforms have integrated WorldID into their login systems. Discord is one of them, an online content platform It allows you to create social media, chat, call and use by part of the digital community to communicate and share information.

In the orb

In the orb



Another platform for developers, for example, Auth0 created by Okta. This company creating access services for large websites and companies such as Siemens, We Transfer, airlines such as LATAM, supermarkets such as Carrefour. In these logins, the user can choose between using their Google or Apple account, among others. Auth0 now also offers its customers to integrate WorldID identity into their login. There is no information yet on how many will join, but it represents an entry into the big business.

On July 24, the Worldcoin token was launched, starting a signal for this company around the world. Curiously, in the same summer, the social network X, formerly known as Twitter, appeared Worldcoin imitators are willing to scam the clueless. The social network, bought by Elon Musk in 2022, changed its name to X, but kept its right to give blue ticks to those who only pay for them.

Luckily, the company’s official account spread the gold tick that is ready for business and not like fake money that pays to display the blue symbol that was previously a sign of authenticity. This is a good example of one that was mentioned by the founder of Worldcoin and WorldID.

WorldID does not seek to replace passports“, explains Saga, about the new European digital identity.” This process from the government is very useful, but not everyone has that information or has multiple passports. The company considers its equipment to be efficient and supports government audits. “In many countries, governments have approached us to ask how they can use them,” although he did not specify who.

How does it work?

From various shops or points where the orbs are installed, people can scan their iris. The orb sees your face, checks that it’s a real person, that you don’t have a face or glasses that distort the image, creates an identity with the iris and verifies the WorldID in the company’s app. Saga promises that this is the most secure and private process in the world.

“Part of what took so long to develop the Orb was integrating all this technology into it, It has 8 different AI models running on the device to be able to do all these processes locally without your data having to leave the world. By ‘default’, all this information is now deleted and the only thing that leaves the world is the certified WorldID,” explains the digital number.



Reuters/Annegret Hello


In the second layer of protection, when WorldID is used to access online services, a waste is generated, the number is different for each developer or website. This way, no one can track your activities on other websites. Everything is created without any personal information attached to the process.

Finally, WorldID is only on the phone. If you lose your phone or change it, it can make a copy to Google Drive or Apple Cloud in an encrypted way, just like messages in WhatsApp. With a password that only the user knows, the identity is restored on the new device. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to revisit the orb to generate a new WorldID.

The rule of doubt

The governing bodies of The United Kingdom, France and Germany began investigating the project in the summer. Doubts about its expansion, the way to attract people by giving money or salary around the world has created doubts. The company says its technology is not available in countries where cryptocurrency laws are unclear on the matter.

(Biden before the EU: he approves the first policy to have “a better and more reliable AI”)

In Kenya, at the beginning of October, part of the board demanded the closure of all Worldcoin operations until the creation of more written rules. In August its activities have been suspended, but the project is still virtual in Kenya and can be accessed on the Internet.

“Before entering into any business, we start talking with the authorities, both in terms of finance and privacy, and they review the project,” Taigo Saga said when asked about the this research. “Many times we went to work before and when we started to grow more than they expected and some government agency said “hey, I want to know more about this, it’s growing very fast and I want to see him again,” he explained.

Orbs in Spain

Worldcoin boasts that Spain is the country they have experienced the greatest growth with 250,000 registered users in this year and a half which has been sent to stores such as La Vaguada in Madrid or La Maquinista in Barcelona.

Worldcoin orb in Great Plaza 2 of Majadahonda

Worldcoin orb in Great Plaza 2 of Majadahonda

Marta SR


Madrid, Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​Valencia and Palma de Mallorca are the cities of Worldcoin has set up its 19th registration site in Spain. There are orbs and staff who teach new users to do all the registration in WorldApp. However, this small delivery is not available to everyone.

For those who are not near the orb and are interested in registering, the app can be downloaded in advance and start collecting special funds, which will be activated later when you already have access to iris scanning. There are no current plans to increase the number of orbs in Spain and they reach different regions.

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