This is the largest yellow stone ever found in Canada and was sourced from Tiffany

As one of the most expensive stores in the world, Tiffany has become one of the best suppliers of yellow diamond Rare, an heirloom that began in 1877 with the ‘Tiffany Diamond’.

In the line of intensive research for special items, last summer the company received a very rare yellow diamond from more than 71 carats Considered to be the largest rock of this type ever found in Canada. The empty space is filled with water. empty empty empty. Such is its beauty that, instead of cutting it and placing it in a diamond on the spot, its expert gemologist, Victoria Wirth Reynolds, took the uncut stone to a group of people for preview.

The two diamonds that come out of this piece are 15 and 20 carats


Now, the company’s experts have changed this gem with almost perfect octahedral shapecombines the oldest polishing techniques with the newest, in two diamond cuts more than 15 and 20 carats respectively with a special elongated shape and a very saturated color that makes them extraordinary gems.

The company did not reveal the price of the two units, but, according to the usage, it is known a yellow stone of 20.49 carats It was sold in 2018 by Christie’s auction house $5.49 million, so its price will probably be higher. What they have announced is that buyers will be able to work with the company’s artistic director, Nathalie Verdeille, to create jewelry creations.

Other valuables are available in 2023

10 carat Tiffany green emerald obtained from Muzo I


In the past six months, Tiffany has received other precious stones, including 35 red diamonds from Argyle mine (Australia), This is the last batch found before it closes. Not only is this collection rare, but it’ aligns perfectly with the beginning ‘Diamond Craft Journey’ in which they provide their users with information on the origin of each newly registered diamond, as described by Wirth Reynolds.

Similarly, last summer they also received 10 carat square cut emerald from Muzo mine, in the western province of Boyacá, Colombia, is considered the best emerald ever mined in this area. This product has a special transparency that gives the best view of the transparency, which shows its color and no cracks. Surely these will not be the last special stones that the company will present this year.

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