This is how Borow works, the costume shop visitor who dressed Sofía de Borbón for her sister’s engagement at the Constitution

I saw Borow the same year it hit the market and I thought “this is how everything is done.” Although in the past there are other ways to rent like As a guest, I think that the idea is always half-hearted or anchored to a beauty that is outdated, so when I see this treasure, which I have not tried but I agreed and saw the smiles of those who did. My case, I know that success is assured.

Doña Letizia shows a lack of interest and returns to wearing a blue dress on the day of Princess Leonor's swearing in of the Constitution

On Borow’s website everything is very clear, something that I think is important to get the most out of its offer, both for the brand and the customer. You can rent both clothes and equipment and choose the days you have: from four to ten.

The service also Including insurance which covers some defects and dry cleaners. The former self is always something that has made me a little cold about the issue of renting a house for hygiene, but here one feels safe at least from it, because it is not something that the tenant has to take care of it. clothesbut it is the company that takes responsibility.

Currently, the brand only has a physical store in Madrid, although at the moment they have organized some kind of event. pop-up shop take his idea to the streets in other cities, as happened in Seville (by the way, I recommend these five restaurants to eat here if you come without breaking the bank ) at the time. It’s also a way to see if the idea lands with another audience.

This week Borow’s name has been heard thanks to the fact that Infanta Sofía wore an Erdem dress rented in the store for her birthday and the oath of the law of her sister, Princess of Asturias, Leonor de Borbón. In particular, it carries the Theola model, its original price is 1,770 euros and you can rent it at 268 euros on the website. The very vaporous idea is with the cape. There is differentiating elements of the company London loves the color palette, in which blues predominate, and floral print.

How to Borow

Of course, in all this it is also interesting to take into account what it means for someone who belongs to the royal family, knowing the impact that their decision sorry wardrobe will have, choose for something like this.

We have already seen the changes in Doña Letizia’s style over the years, how it went from the designs by Felipe Varela to the many proposals from stores such as Sfera and this movement is a way of conveying the message of social and cultural diversity. content: from the role of fashionfor the commitment to Spain brand, from the purpose of wanting to see the image nearby, because it is a decision that I or one of my colleagues can make. Thoughts.

In addition to providing the possibility of renting like from brands on demand such as Matelier, Jacquemus, Victoria Beckham or Encinar Brand, one of my favorites Made in Spain, for some time now you can buy second hand in Borow. In particular, there are two options: clothes from their catalog that have deteriorated a little and that go on sale at a lower price than the original, in the true Vestiaire Collective style, or those who send to the Borow survey team. .

Who is behind Borow: the Chen sisters

Borow is the business of sisters Eva, responsible for image and communication, and Joanna Chen, in charge of finance. Both are from Madrid of Chinese origin, their grandfather came to Spain looking for a better life, but he was not the first in his family to travel the country, but his grandmother was the husband Manuela Fernández Pérez, the. Wife of Manolita Chinese Theater Chen. Wow.

Borow How It Works Trendenciasfounderas

Joanna and Eva Chen, founders of Borow

However, I will tell you, as they do themselves in the website Borow, how to do the idea of ​​renting. like guest The crux of the problem? Something about sisters: they both have them wardrobes full of clothes, but nothing to wear. A thousand choices that in the end they wear on one or two lucky occasions, so they throw a blanket over their head and think that if they have that problem, they are not the only ones . And they are right!

In this way, the idea that will later make Borow start to be born, also using the idea of ​​exchanging clothes with your sister and with the message behind the food in a more responsible and sustainable way.

Image | Gtres et al. and Borrow

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