This information was leaked in the ‘GH VIP 8’ house and weakened the contestants

Although one of the rules of GH VIP 8 if the contestants can’t get information from the outside and have to be isolated from everything that happens outside the house, this is not normal and like this some fabric the document was leaked.

And sometimes a simple open microphone is enough for instructions to ‘sneak in’ which causes conflict for one or more candidates. Sometimes it’s even the competitor who comes from behind who leaks something. Or even at this time, the loud noises from outside the house from the fans of the program that arrived.

Everything happened when the contestants were resting for a while in the garden and from outside the house they heard some shouts from the people shouting so that the participants of this letter will hear​​​​ them, a practice that often affects this. Jose Antonio Aviles.

The information that was leaked in the house of GH VIP 8

And the shouts directly to him: « Let’s go, ‘Team Orange’ until the end. We must avenge Álex’s dismissal. The blue room outside, Aviles on the way”, someone said, about the cancellation next Thursday and the fact that Alex Caniggia was expelled as a discipline from the program organization, just a few days ago.

And this can provide some clues. in the house about how the audience saw the match and why the partner didn’t like it at all, although at first he wanted to downplay it by saying he didn’t care that person’s idea, then he was disturbed and angry. “Come and shout in a house where people are alone, you must not have a brain.”explain.

But the product does not stop there and as they explain by Reading, Jose Antonio Aviles he added, “If you come to shout good things, that’s good for me, but fanaticism creates, precisely, people who lose their mind over things. “When you ask to remove people, it’s not very good.”

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