This Google tool aims to protect the entire Internet from criminal content

In recent years, Terrorist groups have quietly resorted to small, unregulated online platforms to share terrorist videos and recruitment ads.. The problem is that it is a small, almost niche platform, they do not have the resources and knowledge to remove it and cut it short.

Big tech companies like Facebook, Google and

With the goal of making this content disappear completely from the Internet, Altitude was born, a new free tool created by Jigsaw, a subsidiary of Google, in collaboration with Tech Against Terrorism , that aims precisely to combat the presence of terrorist content in small platforms.

Launched in Paris, it is designed to help them detect and remove malicious content. His integration into the backupwith its connection to Tech Against Terrorism’s content analytics platform, is a long-term solution.

The ChatGPT effect: social networks will also benefit from intelligence

Altitude, Google’s new tool, to protect the Internet against the content of criminals

“The Islamic State and other terrorist groups have not stopped using the Internet because they no longer have a radio station on their social media platforms. They are going elsewhere,” he said. GOODS Yasmin Green, CEO of Jigsaw.

“They see this opportunity to host content on data hosting sites or other websites, small and medium platforms. These platforms do not welcome offensive content, but they still host it, and a little bit of it, actually,” he added. .

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The good thing about this tool is that it is completely free, since, even if there are other similar things, they should be prohibited if you are not a big platform. Experts like Yasmin Green believe that such tools should be open source and free.

When combined, Altitude will also provide information about the terrorist group’s content associated with, among other examples of this material, information about what other platforms are doing with it, and even information related to the laws of a country. .

“We are not here to tell the platforms what to do, but to give them all the information they need to make a decision,” explained Adam Hadley, CEO of Tech Against Terrorism. “We want to improve quality – it’s not about the volume of things removed, but to ensure that bad things are removed in a way that supports the law.”

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