They lie in relation to fake driver’s licenses in Puebla

Social media has become an important way to promote business They issue a permanent driver’s license Puebla for very low prices, However, these are fake or sometimes they are just hooks to get the victims money, because they don’t give them any information.

This situation could affect the people of Puebla in many ways, though economically or criminally, Because people who go to these businesses will be charged with a federal crime that is false information that can lead to four to 10 years in prison.

The strength of this fraud is as follows: the scammers start by creating groups of Facebook or WhatsApp, where they advertise their products. Every time they seem to be kind and understanding, they guarantee that they are authorized by the Ministry of Mobility and Transportation, and they also boast of agreements with organizations from other states, which is because how they can be licensed by such organizations Guerrero, Hidalgo and Tlaxcala.

How much does a ‘permanent permit’ cost in Puebla?

Puebla Multimedia seeing that the prices vary depending on the requested documents, especially in Puebla, they only give a permanent permit, at a price that can be around. 500-650 pesossometimes they ask for a deposit in advance and decide on the delivery date, but in other cases only payment is required at the time of receipt.

They lie in relation to fake driver's licenses in Puebla |  Especially
They lie in relation to fake driver’s licenses in Puebla | Especially

When agreeing to make a deal, the managers of this business ask the customer photo with white background, the same that will be used for verification to be completed, including the address that will appear on the driver’s license and the business of the applicant, all of these digitally.

After the information and the payment method have been transferred, the customer is called to a place such as Plaza Crystal or Loreto, to complete, where necessary, the settlement of all the money and send the information.

One of the victims

This printing house was discussed with Guadalupeanyone trying to buy a license after seeing one of these ads in a chat, however, only end up wasting your money and timebecause they did not give him the information.

And, when requesting a permanent document: they ask him for legal information, such as his address and also send a photo with a white background that should appear on his license, with for his digital signature and advance payment of 50. percent of the total amount.

They lie in relation to fake driver's licenses in Puebla |  Especially
They lie in relation to fake driver’s licenses in Puebla | Especially

He decided to deposit the money into the Banco Azteca account 350 pesos, Since the product will cost him 650 pesos, when the transaction is done, he is informed that within 24 hours he will be ready and he will have to deal with the scammers in Plaza San Pedro. However, when the day came, he went on. the quote but they never happened.

When he tried to call them again, he realized that was blocked on the social network group, through his past he called them, and also called the phone number they gave him, however, he did not receive an answer, so it was a lie persuasion was successful.

What if I revoke one of these ‘permissions’?

In this mode fraud They try to gain the trust of potential customers, as they publish pictures of their customers receiving certain information. In the case of a car license, it can be seen in the pictures that people put in their cars or even trucks. .

These frauds are attractive to the people of Puebla, since the price for those the license is extended in perpetuity officially in the right place two thousand 670 pesos, That is to say, following the procedures in the framework of the law can be up to four times more than what they provide.

They cheated in the interview with fake driver's license in Puebla |  Especially
They lie in relation to fake driver’s licenses in Puebla | Especially

However, if surprised by the authorities of any order of the governmentthe punishment ranges from four to 10 years in prison for carrying an illegal document.

In addition, doing so in the law represents a lot of documents, because it is necessary to bring the birth certificate, the certificate, the CURP and even the proof of address, which can be more stressful for those who fall for these scams. Even if you really need a license, people like to have many options for places to do the process and can find an appointment for the next day.


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